For Potential Underwriters

RadioBANG helps organizations increase attention for their sustainability efforts. We do this by attaching underwriting messages delivered to a growing audience that appreciates our format of curated news briefs about successful solutions in sustainability. Underwriting accompanies our outlets in broadcast, print, social media and on-demand podcasts. 

While the world swims in the issues of wealth inequality and planetary collapse, smart businesses have undertaken brave steps to combat the growing distrust of consumers. The 2016 “Trust Barometer” study by Edelman discovered that 80% of the population agrees that businesses must lead to solve social problems. Company reputation and supply chain responsibility are critical to success. 

66 percent of consumers surveyed by Nielsen in 2015 will pay more for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Vegetarians, yogis and farmers market patrons are a small percent of that. People on email lists for sustainability groups number even fewer. But beyond that is a vast audience of consumers ripe for just a bit more news to help them understand which way the wind blows.  The Civil Rights movement did not begin to succeed until receiving the attention of Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson — and a whole lot of other people who were not black or disenfranchised — to affect real change for the nation. 

How will people know which organizations are doing this vital work? 

The common record of those efforts may exist in a Corporate Social Responsibility Report or simply a mission-minded business plan. Most of these messages never get the attention of an average consumer. To embrace the Age of Sustainability and increase the pace of change toward a sustainable future, we must maximize reward for efforts. An important strategy is to preach beyond the choir.

We do this. The optimism and brevity of radioBANG’s news format is our unique plan to build trust and positive associations with existing fans and customers, and reach to newly emerging conscious consumers. Fans in the bleachers far outnumber the players in the field. We reach to mainstream broadcast, podcasts and social media with messages short enough for the uninitiated, but thoughtful enough for more knowledgeable fans of sustainability. Our messages are professionally produced to cut through — and to begin conversations.

The best talent seeks work with companies known to include sustainability in their mission. 

To get the attention of the millennial talent pool, HR directors need their organizations to promote the story and commitments that entice potential employees and innovators.  

Underwriting options

We help grow the reputation of our underwriters by delivering public service announcements about sustainability across media platforms, creating messages and links to be shared. 

RadioBANG now serves 8 episodes per month to a handful of radio stations across the U.S. We’re available on iTunes and SoundCloud; print scripts are available through; and our Facebook fan page offers a place to discuss ideas presented. Your underwriting message appears on all of these outlets, and in all the places you care to push it. We’ll be bigger soon — but with introductory rates so low, there’s no gamble in participating now. Your rate is locked for the duration of your commitment.  

“We appreciate Radio Bang’s fresh approach. The soundbite about SheerWind was a unique addition for our social media outlets.”
Carla C. Scholz | Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for SheerWind


2 episodes — $1,400. You decide when to air within a chosen month. 

4 episodes — $2,400. Spread these as you like within 3 months

12 episodes — $6,000. Choose release times over a year. 

Or, talk to us about your goals in a potential partnership. 

Marketing firms and member organizations are free to switch brands or clients within a package, so long as we agree that each message is suitable. 

What your message sounds like:

Serve us ideas for your best message and we will help compose for you, with your final approval. Our episodes are brief, so each has one announcement only. They are usually 2 sentences with no directive, as is the FCC-prescribed style for non-commercial radio. 

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