RadioBANG is a curated report of solutions-based news about sustainability. We raise awareness of good ideas in sustainability beyond the usual choir. Our news is professionally produced, available on SoundCloud and iTunes, and free to non-commercial stations that register with us.

We believe that by increasing the audience for this news, we increase the chance to spark resourceful relationships, and informed consumer choices. This all ignites the pace toward a better direction for society and the planet.


Our Team

Producer and narrator Chuck Woodford began his broadcast journey at West Virginia University’s highly acclaimed WWVU-FM, programming, producing and training staff. Later in his career, at Adult Alternative legend KBCO Boulder, he was key to the daily “Environminute,” offering news stories and tips for a green lifestyle. Along with helping us advance the global conversation about sustainability, Chuck hosts a national, music-intensive radio show via WestwoodOne radio network.

Founder Sonia Koetting has decades of experience in community journalism and trade magazines. Her career experience brought about her idea of media reform, spotlighting some of the many unsung success stories of the world’s movement toward a more sustainable future. By dispelling cynicism and sticking to a brief digest, she intends to reach beyond the usual green choir. She welcomes invitations to bring inspiration in speaking to young groups.

Technical Director and Voice Contributor Tom Koetting has spent over 30 years producing compelling radio at some of America’s best-loved radio stations. Koetting has been Creative Director at KFOG San Francisco, WDVE Pittsburgh, and KBCO Boulder, as well as contributing producer at KINK Portland, WNEW-FM New York, and WXRT Chicago. At the emergence of community Low Power FM, he was Program Director at KURA in Ouray, Colorado.

Editorial Adviser Bill Roth aims efforts at projects that make a profit and a difference. He participated in the launch of the first hydrogen fueled Prius, developed solar power plants, and sold the first enterprise-scale, meter-linked energy information system. His website,, explores megatrends and supports sustainability efforts in businesses.  Books Bill has authored: The Secret Green Sauce and Boomer Generation Diet. He’s a corporate sponsor for pioneering legislation to limit CO2 emissions in California and he has served on the California Hydrogen Highway.